The Evolution Of HyunA

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I have here for you, in order to celebrate HyunA’s new album coming out August 29th, I thought I’d have a history lesson. The Evolution Of HyunA!! Now, I won’t go in depth, I’ll just briefly talk about her beginnings, and how her music career has shaped over the years. 

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First off, some basic facts about her.


HyunA (현아)

Stage Name: HyunA

Birth Name: Kim Hyuna

Birthday: 06.06.92

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 164cm

Weight: 44kg

Instagram:  @hyunah_aa


Alright, so now to the nitty gritty.  HyunA started off in the music industry pretty young, in her teenage years she started off in the JYP group Wonder Girls. They made their official debut in 2007, with the song “Irony”. Not long after, HyunA transferred to CUBE and became part of 4minute. In 2009, 4minute debuted with the song, “Hot Issue” and releasing their first mini album; For Musik. From there she continued on with 4minute, while pursuing a solo career and working with artists; Hyunseung (former Beast member), Hui (current Pentagon member) and E’Dawn (current Pentagon member).

She started her solo career, not long after debuting with 4minute. In January 2010 HyunA released her single “Change”, which kicked off her long running solo career. In the same year, 4minute released the MV for “HuH” in May of 2010 for their 2nd mini-album, Hit Your Heart.

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While a 4minute member, CUBE announced a duo called Troublemaker including HyunA and Hyunseung. In 2011, Troublemaker made their official debut with “Troublemaker” along with their first mini-album aptly titled Troublemaker. While Troublemaker releases the first mini-album, HyunA releases the first full album with 4minute titled, 4Minutes Left. The music video for the title track, “Mirror Mirror” was published April 2011.

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Now in 4minute and Troublemaker, HyunA did not let her solo career fall behind. Also in 2011, HyunA released her first mini-album Bubble Pop! with title track “Bubble Pop!” Quickly pushing forward in her career, in 2012 HyunA releases her 2nd mini-album Melting with title track “Ice Cream”. Meanwhile in 2012, 4minute released the 3rd mini-album Volume Up, and corresponding music video in April 2012.


Growing in popularity, Troublemaker released “Now” in October 2013 as a title track for their 2nd mini-album Chemistry.  In April of 2013, 4minute releases their 4th mini-album Name Is 4Minute. The music video for their title track, “What’s Your Name?” was published on the same day the album was released.

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Unfortunately, even though ratings for Troublemaker were high, and as popular as the duo was, this would mark the end of Troublemaker. Although unofficially disbanded, CUBE have not released any intention of continuing Troublemaker since the departure of Hyunseung from CUBE.

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On the bright side HyunA announced in July 2014, her 3rd mini-album A Talk, with the fire track “Red”.  Annnd in March of 2014 4minute comes back with “Whatcha Doin Today?” in the 5th mini-album 4minute World.

Not long after the popular song Red, HyunA teased for her 4th mini-album A+ in 2015. In August 20, “Because I’m The Best” featuring Illhoon of BtoB along with A+ was released. For her intro song “Run&Run” in A+, HyunA released a short video in Sept, 2015. 2015 only gets better when 4minute comes out with their 6th mini-album Crazy with title tracks “Crazy” and “Cold Rain”. 


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In 2016, the unfortunate news broke out that 4minute would be disbanding. Their last album was released February 2016, with title track “Hate”  making their 7th mini-album Act.7 their final album. The only member to renew their contract with CUBE was HyunA, and in the same year released her 5th mini album A’wesome with her song, “How’s This?”.

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Finally, we come to 2017. CUBE announced that following Troublemaker, HyunA would partake in a new subunit Triple H. Triple H includes HyunA, Hui and E’Dawn ( both current members of Pentagon). The group released their music video “365 Fresh” and mini-album 199X in May 2017.

HyunA is currently teasing for her 6th mini-album Following. 

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Thank You so much for reading! And be sure to support HyunA!! Also, I will be doing a giveaway at some point on my KpopAmino so be sure to go over a follow me @tashatook.

Have a nice day!!


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