KNK (크나큰) Appreciation !

Hello !!

So I recently found the Amino app, and I’ve been obsessing over K-pop Amino. I’ve made a few posts, the latest being a Jihun Appreciation post. Even though Seungjun is my bias, Jihun is my bias wrecker and I was having some realll bad Jihun feels. So I think I got most of them out, but my KNK feels are strong still. They are low-key my favourite group, SHINee right now has the top spot, but that may soon change. And making this post, does not help! Buuuut I wanna do it, so here I go.


KNK (크나큰)

Official Fandom Name: Tinkerbell

Official Colours: Rose Gold and Twinkle Silver

Official Twitter: @knkofficialynb 

Official Instagram: @official_knk_ynb


Here is a bio and fun facts for all the members:



Stage Name: Seungjun (승준)

Birth Name: Park Seungjun (박승준)

Zodiac: Scorpio

Position: Main Rapper, Visual, Vocalist

Birthday: 93. 10. 28

Height: 190cm

Weight: 70kg

Blood Type: B

Fun Facts!:

  • Loves Skinship with other members
  • Calls Jihun ‘Kimchi’
  • Former trainee of BigHitEntertainment along with Inseong, and trained with members of BTS
  • Tallest member
  • Favourite food is meat
  • Was in Bestie’s MV “Excuse Me” with Inseong, also in the MV “Zzang Christmas” with Jihun and Youjin.




Stage Name: Jihun (지훈)

Birth Name: Kim Jihun (김지훈)

Zodiac: Pisces

Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 95. 02. 20

Height: 186cm

Weight: 73kg

Blood Type: A

Fun Facts!:

  • Appeared in Bestie MV “Zzang Christmas” with Youjin and Seungjun
  • Given the nickname Kimchi by Seungjun, also has nickname Maskman
  • Loves mansae aegyeo
  • Former Nega Network Trainee
  • Favourite food is pork belly meat (Samgyeopsal)
  • Nicest butt in KNK




Stage Name: Youjin (유진)

Birth Name: Kim Youjin (김유진)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: 93.02.10

Height: 186cm

Weight: 73kg

Blood Type: AB

Fun Facts!:

  • Hates skinship
  • Former TS Entertainment trainee, and trained with members of B.A.P
  • Oldest Member of the group
  • Was in Bestie’s MV “Zzang Christmas” with Jihun and Seungjun
  • Favourite foods are pizza, hamburgers and steak
  • Dad of the group




Stage Name: Inseong (인성)

Birth Name: Jeong Inseong (정인성)

Zodiac: Cancer

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: 94.07.01

Height: 183cm

Weight: 71kg

Blood Type: A

Fun Facts!:

  • Loves Astro
  • Former trainee with Seungjun at BigHit Entertainment, and trained with members of BTS
  • Was in Bestie’s MV “Excuse Me” with Seungjun
  • Loves all foods except ginger
  • Loves girls with tanned skin
  • Appeared with Heejun on a reality show Cheongdam-dong 111 in 2013.




Stage Name: Heejun (희준)

Birth Name: Oh Heejun (오희준)

Zodiac: Taurus

Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: 96. 05. 08

Height: 181cm

Weight: 61kg

Blood Type: B

Fun Facts!:

  • Closest to Inseong
  • Former FNC Entertainment trainee
  • Appeared with Inseong on a reality show Cheongdam-dong 111 in 2013
  • Favourite food is braised chicken
  • Uses the word “really?” a lot
  • Loves Amanda Seyfried


Now for the reasons why I love them!!


Their Skinship!


I love how much they love each other! 

KNK is known for how much each member (except for Youjin) loves skinship. And the member they love to touch the most is of course Youjin, since he hates skinship. They love to hug and give each other back scratches, and it melts my heart. It’s just so nice and refreshing to see people genuinely get along, and appreciate one another. With all the nastiness in the world, all I want to see is love and friendship. And with KNK I get my fill of love, since there’s not a broadcast, or V Live where they don’t smile, laugh and hug one another. Whenever I’m feeling sad, or upset, I know I can rely on KNK to make me smile, and to genuinely brighten my day. I have to thank them for bringing me out of depression, and when I felt like there was no love in the world anymore. I know this got deep, but I want to share my 100% real feelings, and my appreciation for how much they’ve actually changed my life.

Look at how they take care of crying Jihun >.< T.T


Their Talent!


Look at their dancing!! 

Now I love to listen to K-pop, obviously. It’s my absolute favourite genre of music, but I limit myself to a few bands I stan/favour over others. And of course KNK is one of them, one of reasons is because they’re so talented. I’ve never listened to a KNK song I haven’t liked, and their dancing is so good. You can tell they work extremely hard for their fans, and to make every performance amazing. It’s like at the top of my bucket list to see them live, I’d pay anything to go to one of their concerts! I might just kill me tho, I’d probably end up dying cause of them. After that tangent, their singing oh ma gawd. Not only is their Korean singing amazing, but when I heard their version of Ed Sheeren’s Thinking Out Loud, I knew their English singing was just as breathtaking. If you haven’t heard it, I’ll link it here.


Their Visuals!

giphy (12)

Handsome men always win 

I mean like, it seems superficial but, I mean there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look at something easy on the eyes. They whole group, all of them, so adorable and at the same time so sexy. I think the only way for me to explain myself, is to do with my favourite pictures of them.


I mean look at those faces! And lets not get started on their godly height, Seungjun is 190cm or 6’2″ and he’s the tallest. The shortest, Heejun is still 181cm or 5’11”.


Please, please, PLEASE go support my babies! Also, I did a Jihun Appreciation post annd an unboxing post for their Gravity Completed album in my K-pop Amino account tashatook, go check it out I worked really hard on both posts! 


Thank you so much for reading, and appreciating KNK with me!! Comment below your bias, mine is Seungjun but Jihun is my bias wrecker (and he may be winning T.T)

I’ll just leave some more pics and gifs of my babies here. Have a nice day!!



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