So, I’ve been on Etsy for a while now. Since 2015 actually, I started making coasters. But, no one was really buying them. And there not something, everyone wants, or needs. But, I came to notice that people like to buy small items, even me!

So, I wanted to make simple products. Keychains, phonecharms, magnets and photocards came to mind. I made some keychains and phonecharms, from shrinky dinks. If you don’t know what shrinky dinks are, then you didn’t have a childhood. They are amazing, although it took me a while to get them perfect (to my standard at least). Alright, so I decided to post them to my old, not used Etsy shop. I hope if you guys like to read my blog, you’ll enjoy some of them items I make!! They’re made with love (for both you guys, and the bands <3).

Here some pictures.


Here is a link to my Etsy store; click here!


I hope you guys enjoy my blog, and also check out my store and find something you like!! Any suggestions, or commissions, feel free to message me!! ❤ Have an awesome day

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