Astro 4th Mini Album Review

Astro is a six member Korean boy group since 2016 with Hide & Seek, under the label Fantagio. The members are Jinjin, MJ, Moonbin, Sanha, Rocky and Eunwoo. In May 2017 the released their 4th mini album Dream Part.01, with the title track Baby.


Dreams Come True

The first song on the album sets the tone for the album, and this song does its job. Dreams Come True is a electronic type pop sound, with an accent of violin in the melody. It follows suit to its American popular music counterparts, with not much modulation in the tone, and linear in the repetition of the chorus. As with American pop, its success lies in the capture of the listener with how “catchy” it sounds. Definitely a song I enjoy.

Baby (Title) 


The title track continues on the tropical house trend that is perfect for summer. Perhaps a summer in the 90s, due to the suave dance and retro nature of the song and adjoining music video. This type of sound is perfect for an outside pool party, and Astro slays at lively, energetic music. Cannot go wrong with putting this song on a summer playlist, it’s for sure going on mine.

You Smile 

You Smile gets gradually gets a faster tempo as it continues, the strange thing is the singing doesn’t match up with the tempo completely. Although the singing gets faster, and the rap sections. The melody and the voices don’t exactly line up, and the singing is quiet and seems tempered with. But its subtle, so it doesn’t take too much from the song. The song itself is good, and still gives me those summer vibes. And whose the girl singing near the end?

Because Its You

Its a classic k-pop mix between slow and cheerful, with a slower feeling mingled with the rhythmic and energized attitude. And my beautiful babies of the rap line, get almost a whole section, which I love. The build-up to the chorus is quite familiar, where its a gradual incline to the boisterous chorus. This song works for me, and the boxes keep getting ticked off for songs I like from this album.

Dream Night

Its quite a mix of a sound, its got a electro-pop, tropical house sound to it. Its got a classic rap drumbeat with the high pitched voice going eeeoooo (you know what I mean, just go listen to the song then you’ll understand). Then the classic rap with the low rumble, just sounds amazing. But I can’t help that feel this type of song isn’t usual for Astro, but who cares cause its awesome.

I’ll Be There

Another slower song on the album, it seems like they’re getting slower and slower (hint at the next song on the tracklist). It has the classic Astro vibe, the sound I’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to Astro. And its the sound I feel in love with, when I discovered Astro. But, it doesn’t distinguish itself from its predecessors. It’s still a good song, and I enjoy it but its background music. And I mean it respectfully, cause I love them, but its a tad bit boring.


CAUGHT IN A LIIIEEEE JK its not Jimin, its Astro. Caught in another slow song. As I hinted earlier, this is the slowest song of the album, and it commits to being the ‘slow’ song. I’ll Be There is a mix between slow and non-slow, which is a bit strange. But this song mesmerizes you with its vocals and the music. Add this to the list of top slow Astro songs.

Every Minute

Last song on the album, the outro song. And its got a hip, retro 90s quality to it. Y’all know how I love a good retro sound. It has an old techno, electric piano noise to it, it definitely belongs in the 90s. Especially, with the repetition of the every minute lyric line. It has gone onto my top Astro song list, I love it and I know that Astro loves me (especially Jinjin <3).


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed, feel free to critique my writing I am pretty new at writing reviews. I have done two others, Twice and KNK, check those out ❤ Also, suggestions? Feel free to tell me!

Double also, make sure to listen to the album, and if you enjoyed it please support Astro by buying the album, I know I will! I absolutely love the album, they did an amazing job. And tell me who your bias is in Astro, mine is Jinjin (if it wasn’t too obvious).

Have an amazing day or night 🙂


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