KNK 2nd Single Album– Gravity

KNK (Kun-na-Kun) is a South Korean male group consisting of five members; Heejun (second right), Jihun (left), Inseong (second left,) Seungjun (Middle) and Youjin (right). They debuted with their 1st single album, Knock. With Knock as their title track, and first MV. Since then they have two mini albums, Awake and Remain. Their new single album is titled Gravity, and their title song is Sun. Moon. Star.


  1. Think About You
  • This first song on the album sets the tone for the rest of the album, this soft, suave and mellow sound. Which is a contrast to their last mini album, Remain. KNK have gentle and smooth  vocals, so when they sing laid-back and romantic-type songs, its always gold. Although usually there’s one song on the album that is the more fast-paced, pop song; but on this album its calm throughout. Now to talk about this specific song more, it has an in between sound. Its not quite the slow song at the dance that you “slow dance” with, but its not quite a pop, energetic song at the same time. Its just a nice song to listen to for background music, which is nice, but easily overlooked.

2. Love You

  • This song explains more of what I was talking about, its quicker then Think About You, but not really. This song isn’t much different, although I like it better. The melody and the chorus just sound better to me, its that simple. Its the quickest song in the album, this is the lively, strong song on the album. While at the same time still fitting into this passive collective tone. One thing about this song, and the other ones, there’s not much rap. Everyone is singing, actually singing.

3. Sun. Moon. Star (Title)


  • Their title track, check out the MV. To my surprise, this song is probably as slow, if not slower then Think About You. Usually the title track is the most upbeat track, or one of them. But that doesn’t bother me, they have honey vocals especially, Inseong and Youjin. Although its not my favourite KNK song, cough Knock cough, but its a good one. Its nice to see versatility, since Seungjun usually only raps, hearing his voice is refreshing. The song all together isn’t my cup of tea, people who enjoy ballads will probably enjoy this song more. Since its pretty consistent melody wise, and that makes it easier to listen to. On the bright side, their aesthetic is slaying, the soft lighting and pastel colours make them even more gorgeous. And I did not think that was possible.



I hope you enjoyed my review of KNK single album Gravity! I love KNK so nothing I said is any sort of shade to them. Also, just a side-story, Seungjun is my favourite <3!! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!!

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