Signal – Twice 4th Mini Album Review

If you don’t know who Twice is, Twice is a South Korean girl group consisting of 9 members. Mina, Momo, Sana, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Jeongyoung, Dahyun, and Jihyo. They are signed under the label, JYP Entertainment and debuted in 2015 with Like OOH-AHH (Like OOH-AHH). They recently released their 4th mini album, and MV for Signal.


The albums title track is Signal, the other tracks on the album are; Someone Like Me, Hold Me Tight, Three Times A Day, Only You and Eyes Eyes Eyes. Totaling up 6 songs on the album. I will review my personal opinion on the songs on the album, remember this is solely my opinion and my interpretation of these songs. You are more then welcome to disagree, or agree!

Twice has recently stolen my heart, when I listened to one of their popular songs, TT, I was in love. And I have been following them ever since, and have risen to the top in female K-Pop groups rankings. Side-note though, I don’t really have a legitimate ranking system for K-pop, but if I get any requests to list my top 5 or 10 female or male groups, I will consider making one. Anyway, Twice is a recent obsession of mine, and I have a three-way tie for my favorite between Mina, Jeongyoung and Tzuyu. Ok enough of this, on to the review!

  1. Signal (Title)


My first listen of this song, my initial reaction was surprised. This doesn’t have the regular poppy, and upbeat sound normal Twice songs have. Their predecessors are, Like OHH-AHH (Like OHH-AHH), Cheer Up, TT and Knock Knock. All those songs, almost hooked me from the first listen. This song, took a few times. Which may be the reason for the backlash, besides the similar concept to Exo. It’s a bit hard to swallow. The melody isn’t as apparent, and they distort the voice when they sing, “I must let you know.. Trying to let you know”. Once I got used to that, I started to enjoy it. And it goes along with their alien concept, which I found cool. Although, the sound is different from their usual, I like it and enjoy listening to it; even though I don’t like it as much as TT.


2. Someone Like Me

Every album needs a slow song, and this is what I love about Twice. Their title tracks got me in, but their vocals keep me going. This song is one of my favourite non-title tracks (especially in terms of slow songs like One In a Million). They all have really nice soft vocals that blend together perfectlly, which is how they slay every song they sing, but also allows for lovely slow songs sung beautifully. The chorus truly displays their softer side, instead of something cute.


3. Hold Me Tight

This has the regular Twice sound I love, much more like Cheer Up or Knock Knock. It’s playful, but disappointing. Sure it has elements that sound good, the melody is bright and cheery, but it doesn’t hit as well as other non-title songs like Jelly Jelly. The chorus sounds sharp, and the notes don’t seem to fit in with the melody or rhythm. Something about it seems lackluster, that’s not to say it’s a bad song. But, its my least favorite of the album, and probably of any Twice song.


4. Three Times a Day

Hold Me Tight got some harsh reviews from me, but this song does not. It doesn’t get rave reviews, but the sound works better for me. The bridge and chorus compliment each other, even though it feels they shouldn’t. I love when two different sounds go together, it makes magic. In that sense its similar to Signal, which also means its nothing to write home about. Although, the happy, soulful vibe creates a noise that I can enjoy.


5. Only You

Hold Me Tight is my least favourite of the album, Only You is my favourite of the album. Its much more playful, cheerful with an extremely catchy chorus. The lyrics, “only, oh only, only you” almost as addictive as “I’m like TT, oh oh, just like TT oh oh”. Leave it to Twice to make a song that just gets stuck in your head. This song is a mix between Jelly Jelly and Cheer Up, both in sound and memorability.


6. Eyes Eyes Eyes

I instantly got a retro feel with this one, it has an oldie, classic attitude. In the background you can hear a tambourine, and the hushed/rushed singing after the countdowns, along with an ending whistle. It creates a retro vibe, which I dig. I feel like I’m in the 80s or 90s while listening to it, on a radio instead of YouTube. This song definitely has a unique nature to it, making it worth a listen.


This was my very first album review, it may not be amazing but if you read it I really appreciate it! Please like if you enjoyed! And if you are a fellow K-pop fan follow me for more album reviews and other wonderful blog posts!! Hint: I have a KNK 2nd Single Album review in the works 😉


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