I recently watched the movie Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it. I give it 4 stars, but that’s my opinion (and I am no movie critic). But I definitely recommend it. Alright, so if you have seen this movie, continue  on this wild ride with me. I have a theory, it’s not mind blowing I don’t think but, its something to think about. So here goes.

At first, I thought that it was a regular story based on a story from the bible. I thought that the religious connotations were apparent, but then things didn’t quite add up for me. The most obvious one for me at first was Curtis was Jesus. Then, I thought Gilliam was God, and Wilfred was similar to various Roman emperors. That kinda worked, but then Curtis as Moses fit a bit better, since he was physically rescuing people. This story seems to work in my mind, Moses rescuing his people from Egypt (the train) from Wilfred (the Pharaoh).  But, in the end, they don’t survive? Only Yona and Timmy, and I thought more.. what kind of story could this be. So, I thought maybe this movie was a parody-esque for religion. Using several characters from the Bible, and taking from various stories. Cause it seems quite ridiculous that a train would be able to sustain  all of the remaining humanity, be able to grow an ecosystem and etc. And the ridiculousness of  scene with the children “we all freeze and die”. That scene seems to me a play on religious rituals, and songs sung in church (to children).  And the straight up worship of Wilfred, when all he did was build a train? So, perhaps this extreme display, is a way to display how the reaction to God and religious traditions can seem to outsiders. And in this case the outsiders would be the tailpeople, but in real life, anyone outside the religious tradition can view it as strange and crazy.

Now, my theory is not bulletproof. It’s not perfect by any means. My boyfriend suggested it was a much more political type movie. He said it seemed to him to be about communism vs capitalism, which I also find interesting. I would love to read more about some theories for this movie, but I was just kind of thinking (not out loud, but typed). If anyone reading this has any different ideas, or read on some interesting theories I would love to read about them.

Thanks for reading!

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