Go 2 Eat Dessert & Eatery

There is a quaint little place beside Sushi Jet in Halifax, NS. It is on the basement level, and not many people know about it. But if you want some traditional Cantonese and Taiwanese desserts, this may be the place for you.

I think the most prominent thing about this place, and what drew me (and continues to draw me back) is the popular bubble waffle ice cream. Not sure if that is the actual name, but that’s what I call it. It is delicious, and very customizable. You choose what kind of ice cream you want, and three toppings on it. They vary from whipped cream to pocky. I chose mango ice cream and whipped cream with kiwi and mango (I really like mango).



It was tasty, and the waffle was warm and freshly made. The hot and cold make for a delicious team. And the variations make for something for everyone! Its quite awesome, but if you don’t want ice cream, their other desserts are just as good. The regular menu has many options, from dessert to regular hot cuisine. They have a website, with their menu. Check it out. I ordered the  Mango Pomelo Sago Sweet Soup (杨枝甘露) and my boyfriend ordered, Thai Black Glutinous Rice & Mango in Coconut Sauce (芒果白雪黑糯米甜甜). Its not well known, so when we got there it was empty, and a few more people came as the evening went on. So, the food came pretty quick, and the waitress was nice.

The Mango Pomelo Sago Sweet Soup was delicious, the mango tasted fresh, and they use the same things in bubble tea (which has a delightful texture to me). The soup ‘base’ is just mango sauce, like applesauce, and its cold and refreshing (and of course very mangoy). The Thai Black Glutinous Rice & Mango in Coconut Sauce, that my boyfriend got was probably my favourite dish there (so far!). Its in coconut sauce, which goes well with the mango. And don’t be afraid of the black rice, its actually really tasty. This dish is sweet,  but not overly sweet. Its cold, and is the perfect dessert (especially for anyone looking for a healthy alternative for dessert!)

Overall, I would give Go 2 Eat Dessert & Eatery a solid 3.5 stars. The only cons for them would be, the menu can be a little intimidating at first. And not a lot of people work there, since its pretty small, so if they’re busy you might have to wait a while. Also the location, although it might not be entirely their fault, isn’t the best. But, it is still cute, and their food speaks for itself (although at the moment I can only vouch for their dessert, gimmie a break it’s not like I’m a professional food critic). But, I think it’s worth a look for those interested.

Thanks for reading!


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