But First, a little about me.

Hello !

To whoever is reading this, hello. I have decided to start my first ever, blog. This quick blog post is (hopefully) a short blip on why I decided to start a blog, and a little bit of what I plan to do with it. First off, I have been talking a storm to my boyfriend, constantly. I have opinions for EVERYTHING. And at the moment, he’s the only person there to listen to me. But I have to be getting on his nerves, for real. So I decided I needed an alternative output for my “voice”, since for some reason I have so much to say.

So let’s begin with some things I want to talk about, and what I plan to do. Now, this list is current, and could change with time. I am not a political person, although I do try to keep up to date with things and news. But I live in Canada, so I don’t think I can or should publicly insert opinion on the US Government or politics. But, BUT! I do have opinion on current laws and legislation and I will talk about things like that IN RELATION to Canada and Canadian laws. Is that confusing? Contradictory? Welcome to me. I live and breath contradictions. Ok, pretty much I want to rant, about things you know? But like cause I don’t live  in the US, I just feel I can’t discuss presidential candidates (when there’s an election) since I won’t vote. Get my drift? If not then just ignore that part, and listen to this sentence. I just want to rant about things. Ok, done. Moving on.

Alright so, I am a pretty simple person. A little about me, I am currently 20 (time will change this) and I am a university student honoring in Religious Studies. I am an avid listener of K-Pop, and RuPauls Drag Race watcher. Annnd, that’s pretty much it. So along with ranting and talking about different (taboo maybe?) subjects, I will talk about the latest in Korean music and opinions on latest seasons /episodes of Drag Race (although it’s a recent obsession). But I leave the door open for me, to pretty much talk about whatever I want, cause it’s my blog and not yours. (That is my homage to Katya and Trixie).

Anyway, have a nice day!!


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